Charming architecture, good cuisine and beautiful landscapes - this is the Serra Gaúcha, the most desired winter destination among Brazilian tourists.

And when one thinks of that region, it soon comes to mind the city of Gramado, which has a good structure of hotels, inns and restaurants, as well as walking options that cater to couples and families.

Gramado looks like a scenic city. Whether it's the cold climate and the European-style atmosphere, or the wide-ranging gastronomy, famous for colonial cafes, wines and chocolates, the region draws crowds every year. Also in winter, Gramado hosts the Film Festival, an event that brings even more glamor to the municipality of 34 thousand inhabitants.

There are dozens of unique attractions, including museums, parks, extreme sports and more. All this always amidst an exuberant nature and counting on a unique tourism support in Brazil.

Come and discover why every year millions of people come to visit us.